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IT Emergency?  When you have an emergency, you need someone who can not only respond fast, but knows what they are doing. Otherwise things can go from bad to worse. We will take the drama out of your crisis and the crisis out of our life.  For a fast response to your problem, contact us now!

IT Maintenance

More than just repairs: We work as your IT department so that all your IT needs are attended to. Hardware, Software, User Management, Asset Management and a watch kept on your systems 24/7 to maintain uptime and improve response if a problem occurs.
IT Consultancy

Whether web, database or relying upon other systems, we look at your problems and apply systems that are often 'left field' providing real solutions that go beyond just your immediate need but look forward to the future of what you will need in the next few years.  All of this is at a sensible price and delivered on time, on budget and working when you need it.
IT Services

Flamble provide far more than products.  We provide the services to deliver, install, configure and maintain the key systems that you rely upon to keep your organisation running smoothly.  Here you will find some of the core systems that we specalise in that provide real time, real world solutions for our clients.
IT News

The 'Cloud' may be all the rage, but putting your data there could end up leaving you with your head in the clouds!¬† We all know that when it is cloudy, it can rain.  Make sure that you have your virtual raincoat and umbrella.

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